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Building promoted by Joan Roquer and Marí after his trip in Andalusia, where he was enthusiastic about the caliphal architecture, which he wanted to reproduce mimetically to his residence.

The work was carried out between 1877 and 1889 and was directed by Roquero himself. The most prominent element is the reproduction of the Giralda de Sevilla, at a scale of 1: 2, which has become one of the elements most emblematic of the town.

To the set there is also a replica of the Patio of the Lions of the Alhambra in Granada, and the Ambassadors Hall of the Alcàsser of Sevilla.

All the decorative elements, as well as the materials used, continue faithfully the original models, from the photographs taken during the trip in Andalusia.

The building is in Arabic style. It is composed of a tower, replica of the Giralda of Seville and by a quadrangular structure of three floors and open through the center where you can see the lions' patio and the rooms of the home.

On the left, communicating with the lions' patio, there is the replica of the Hall of the Ambassadors of the Alhambra of Granada. All this set is surrounded by a huge natural park closed by a stone fence.

In terms of housing, it must be said that all the basements of the building are wineries Above there is the ground floor, the noble floor and finally a fourth floor dedicated to the service of the house. Inside the building the arches of

horseshoe, the lobed and the arabesques.

The materials are also the same that were used for the construction of the original (gold sheets, etc.).

The sale includes land where there is a vineyard and a plot of land that belongs to the farm where you can build a hotel or tents for events.

Carrer Muntaner 400, 2A

Barcelona, 08006

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