Casa Malagrida - Palace / Palau

Building from 1905-1908, which, despite its appearance as a mansion, was designed to be multi-family. Its facade is characterized by a sumptuous main, with central balustrade and tribunes on both sides, all with a great ornamental wealth, with profusion of floral reliefs, very modernist taste. It is also worth mentioning the work of forging the handrails on the upper floors. The crowning, on the other hand, is resolved with an unusual dome similar to an attic, crowned with an original weather vane that was originally golden. 

Living in a palace on Paseo de Gracia ... is it possible? With Montgolfier, it is.

Project Malagrida

This is a beachfront plot in Estepona, for a hotel project. Located near the Estepona marina in a tourist location.

A study has already been made for a hotel with a built-up area of 12,300 square meters.

Project Estepona

Building promoted by Joan Roquer and Marí after his trip in Andalusia, where he was enthusiastic about the caliphal architecture, which he wanted to reproduce mimetically to his residence.

The work was carried out between 1877 and 1889 and was directed by Roquero himself. The most prominent element is the reproduction of the Giralda de Sevilla, at a scale of 1: 2, which has become one of the elements most emblematic of the town.

To the set there is also a replica of the Patio of the Lions of the Alhambra in Granada, and the Ambassadors Hall of the Alcàsser of Sevilla.

Project Palau Barcelona

It is a comprehensive Great Rehabilitation of a magnified royal estate cataloged from 1900 located in the heart of the Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes whose facade has been recovered with new carpentry maintaining the essence of the architecture of the time. This exclusive development consists of 14 homes available with their own style, and has floors from 90m2 to 150m2 and 2, 3 to 4 bedrooms, including 4 duplex apartments and 1 duplex penthouse.

In addition to 2 commercial premises on the ground floor. The homes are very bright and welcoming this all thanks to the quality and comfort that combine the noble materials used and the original elements that were recovered.

Project Gran Via de Corts Catalanes

Carrer Muntaner 400, 2A

Barcelona, 08006

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